Monday, June 4, 2012


Week after Turkey included the following:

Re-enacting the story of David and Goliath on Tel Azeka

And then going to the Valley of Gath to fling some rocks (a lot harder than it looks!)

Sang in some cisterns at Bet Guvrin with these pretty ladies

Here's Brother Jackson showing us the best preserved olive press in the area (Lara, every time he said 'olive press' you know what got stuck in my head? "Two little pods in a pea pod press. One grew...two grew...and so did the rest!")

And some chalk mines also at Bet Guvrin with an amazing echo! Perfect for singing hymns for hours on end (or what feels like hours...)

Russian-Orthodox Church of the Ascension

Visited Schindler's Grave

Jericho (that pile of rocks on the right is the oldest tower in the world!)

Church of Mary Magdalene

Visited the Israeli Museum (which provided these cool hand-chairs and ample amounts of naked-lady statues)

...which also included the Dead Sea scrolls under this fountain thing (inside was too dark for pictures of the actual scrolls) and no my right arm has not been severed at the elbow...

Took a nap in a park and got pooped on by birds (well Beka did...why is it florescent green? We will never know...)

Went to Ice City at the old train station in West Jeru and slid down some ice slides, sat on some ice sculptures...

They had colored strobe lights going on so every pic had a different light to it...

And enjoyed one of Jon Schmidt's last solo performances (he will only perform with "The Piano Guys" now)

"Waterfall" on the Mt. of Olives! Holla!

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  1. You look so much like Mom it is crazy. That song gets stuck in my head frequently as well. We miss you but it looks like you are having SO MUCH FUN!