Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dominus Flevit for reals one of my top favorite experiences in the Holy Land so far! So there were some who had visited a week before and made friends with the pastor Father Sebastian...

...he invited them to come back for lunch the following week in return for help with their entrance garden. So I tagged along and this is what we did:

Hard Core!! My first time using a Jack-Hammer

We had lunch after as promised....SOOOO GOOD!! Father Sebastian? More like CHEF Sebastian! He is originally from Iraq so we got some authentic Iraqi cuisine! The veggies were fresh from his garden, fruit was from Jericho and the olive oil in the pasta was made from olives of The Garden of Gethsemane (which sits right below the Dominus Flevit church)...can you say culture?!

We cleared away the food, Father brought out a violin and a flute and we sang and danced and fiddled and fluted(?) until the mid afternoon.

...And the garden never looked better!!



 (I promise there is a BIG difference...)

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