Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old City.... of Lights

The other night, we got permission to venture into the Old City after dark (usually we can only be in West Jerusalem after dark) so that we could attend the 4th Annual Festival of Lights....(as you can clearly discern from the sign)

They had different trails winding in and out of the Old City walls with displays of lights periodically throughout like such...

That face in the middle was the creepiest thing! They had a big screen face hanging over Zion's Gate and projected different facial features making all sorts of faces most of which looked like they belonged in a horror film! Someone please explain to me why this was made a part of the Light Show?

"Goin to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."

Beautiful dome outside Jaffa gate - they had 'festive' music playing and I made friends with some little Muslim boys that agreed to dance with me!

A game of Pinball displayed onto Damascus was still kind of early in the evening so its hard to make out....

The Old City at night...

the picture on the right is trying to capture the 30 minutes we spent in a human clog! There were so many people trying to squeeze through the little aisles of the Christian Quarter that we got into a huge traffic jam and were at a stand still - fights started to break out, children were crying, men were yelling in was one of the scariest experiences of my life!!

But we made it out OK...

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  1. It looks so beautiful. What a fun time to be in Jerusalem.
    love Mom