Sunday, June 24, 2012

Once Upon a Time

The title of this post is part inspired by the new Sara Bareilles song "Once Upon Another Time" (unfortunately I cannot post it on here due to lack of access to the YouTube) which is currently stuck in my head...and part inspired by the fairy tale I feel like I'm living! (....coincidentally also the name of a Sara Bareilles song but not currently stuck in my head)

Field trips on Mondays - this one was at Neot Kedumim

We learned about the agriculture and economy of ancient Israel. So we got to herd sheep, plow wheat, crush olives, make pitas and much more! (I also got to draw some water from a real live well!! Fulfilling a life long dream of mine...sadly, no documentation...)

Go out to a movie Friday before Shabbat (this was at some kind of West J, hipster theater...Moonrise Kingdom...pretty good movie! Narrator def the best part...)

Then welcome in Shabbat by going to Synagogue 

These two rascals are my Israel teacher's kids Yemima and Mitzhel (who for some reason was dressed up like a pirate or lost boy or something) that came with us on our Friday night field trip to a local synagogue. This was one of my favorite experiences so far...LOVE going to much singing!

And Tel Aviv on the weekends! (We've gone the past two Sundays which brings me to an even three on my Tel Aviv count)

Eating at Moses

Eating on the seaside

Kickin' it at Banana there was no Banana Stand for those Arrested Development-ers who were wondering...

Fairytale right?! Am I dreaming?! If I am...don't wake me up...I LOVE this place!!!


  1. Amazing Anna Marie! Just went and listened to that song too, so great!

  2. meh.... what's another $1.29 on itunes ;) I think when you get back to the states you need to do some recommendation posts.... music, books, movies, etc. Preferably ones I can borrow...... lol