Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Beka!!

So this is my friend Beka...

She likes to do magic tricks...

...and dance the night away...

...and it was her birthday a few days ago!!

...and we went out to celebrate...

...and she got an AJ Birthday SMOOCH!!

...and the end!

We love you Beks!!!

Happy Birthday!


  1. AnnaMarie! Oh my goodness it looks like you're having so much fun! I'm glad you're making such good friends as well. I had to comment on this post because of AJ. He was one of my old FHE brothers in the ward that Tim and I met in. He's a character and I see that's not being suppressed in Jeru ;-) I hope you continue to have a great time-great job taking lots of photos!
    Love you and miss you lots!

  2. what the!? is that a real kiss? Did J-Rowdy approve that?