Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Turkey Part II

Sorry, this is kind of a long one so gear up!

Here are some recaps of our travel down the coast of the Aegean Sea:

(I had never heard about this story till like the day before we visited the memorial. Big battle of World War I where thousands and thousands died on both sides. Very sad story, very solemn place. If you don't know what it is, watch the movie with Mel Gibson)

My first time at the Aegean Sea (not the Caspian....I don't know why but all week I kept wanting to sing The Little Mermaid and then remembered this was not it...)

(Modern day Iznik) Like as in the Nicean Creeds! Here is the Hagia Sophia (not the big one in Istanbul) and the place where Constantine had his summer palace were the first and last meetings of the creeds were held.

The boys being muscle men - this is the gymnasium at Sardis so they had some of the boys wrestle in the courtyard...it got pretty intense.


Library of Celsus at Ephesus

It's no HBLL...

But these cats are bein' studious at the library!

Probably one of the best parts of the trip was the re-enactment we did of Acts 19 - Paul's time in Ephesus. I didn't document it because I had to be the narrator but it was pretty cool! We divied up the parts and walked around the site and carried "Paul" into the theater and chanted about The Great Diana. All the Asians were filming us and some started in the chant too! It was so fun...I will never forget that story now :)

(They were filming some kind of video in the theater at the time so that's what the green sheet is)

The Church of St. John
(Lower right pic is where they think John the Beloved was buried)

Assos had an AMAZING view sitting on top of a huge hill. In the lower left pic, you can see all the way out to an island of Greece!

One of MANY theaters...


J Rowdy (aka Brother Ludlow) rockin' the pirate look at Pergamum...

Hey shout out to my Ami's (aka those who did the German exchange with me)

Remember this museum in Berlin (look behind Zach's cute face)

.....and remember this thing-a-ma-bob right at the entrance....

So at Pergamum, our tour guide was telling us about the Zeus' Alter, blah blah blah but there was nothing there to look at. I asked him where it was and he said something like "some museum in Berlin" and I thought....wait a minute.....so I looked at this sign...

....and I looked back through my Deustchland pics and sure enough 
...we had been there....

Cool right? Who would have ever thought I would see this temple in 2009 and almost exactly three years later visit the place it came from? Anyone else get chills?!

p.s. Wo Sind Die Ami's?

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