Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tel Aviv!!

A full day in Tel Aviv = ...

The beautiful Mediterranean!

Yummy Yummy Yummy! Like a mix between a schwarma and a philly cheese steak complete with carmelized onions!!
Gorgeous park we happened upon in the middle of the city
Cute Israelis we played basketball with!

Mmmmm I LOVE Tel-Aviv! Being in the city was a fun little vacation from historic-filled Jerusalem. The beach was very much needed but seeing as we just came from winter - my bright pink, sun burnt back was inevitable...The markets were delightful and had delicious mint lemonade and skin-tight leggings (leopard print and nude colored included) found on all different sizes of women....NOT a pretty sight! 

Such a fun day trip! I hope we go many times throughout the semester!

P.S. Look who I found! 

The Bridgewaters were here as a part of a tour group from Provo. I did a double take when I saw Sister B. coming out of Shaban's shop in the Old City and ran over to give her a hug. They joined us for church on Saturday. Sister Julie B Beck (former R.S. General pres.) was with the group and when I found out they were coming to church, I kind of started to hyperventilate because this was my week to teach in Relief Society and I was teaching out of Daughters in my Kingdom - basically her book - but then they only stayed for sacrament meeting so major bullet dodged! Can you imagine though?!

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  1. oh my gosh! I was in Tel Aviv less than a month ago!!! We rode our bikes all over the coast (along that boardwalk) then we found this little bump/mound thing on one of the piers. we all rode of it millions of times and called it a 'tel'. i miss it so much. And I miss you! I get jealous, reaaaal jealous, when I read your blog