Friday, May 25, 2012

Turkey Highlights

Essence of the trip in one picture...

These are magnum bars... and this specific kind has white chocolate and almond outer shell with Oreo Ice Cream inside!! (I dubbed it "The Goodness", a cousin to my family's "The Good Cake") Mmmm I want one right now!!

Meet Fatih! Our tour guide for the week! He had to wear this scarf to block the microphone from the wind. He liked my "Lady Gaga" sun g's (I have no idea why he thinks they look like Lady Gaga...) so we wore them around to complete his look.

Our hotels were all very unique... this one had a medium pool, great beach front property with a dock perfect for dance parties!

I didn't have my camera to document but we JCers through the best bon fire/dance party Turkey has ever seen!! We had an incredible DJ (our own AJ Swartwood) who lead us in some synchronized dances. The hotel loved it so much, they filmed us....I wouldn't be surprised to find us on their PR page for their website.

But the most exotic hotel award goes to...

.....Aqua Fantasy!!

I guess hotel isn't the right word for this was more of a mix between a water park/beach resort/Aqua Fantasy!! Right when you pull in you see the turrets of the water park kingdom with slides and lazy rivers (unfortunately, the park was only open during the day when we were out seeing the sights and closed in the evening so we never got to go on it).

(Never got a really good pic of the water park sorry)

 Then you check in and are given a map, (yes an actual map) of the resort because it is just that big! We started exploring and found a new pool around every corner, spas and tennis courts galore, a whole section dedicated to hammocks between palm trees and a path leading down to the beach. They had an amphitheater right off the beach and were putting on a live production of Ice Age

Our first night, we spent the evening on the dock and on our way back to the rooms, we saw some kind of open bar playing some kind of exotic music and playing games. Here's Rob in the final round of the hat game:

I wish I had gotten a pic of the described as a Turkish Lucius Malfoy! "Shake it and move it!" (Said with a THICK Turkish accent)

Our final day in Turkey was spent back in Istanbul where we did a tour of the Hagia Sophia

I wish this place could be expressed in a better way than is absolutely breathtaking!!

My feelings exactly!

I love Bazaars!

The famous Blue Mosque:

My new besties! :)

Basically, Turkey was excited the Cougars came to visit so they wrote it in the sky...upside down...

heh heh...

Ciao Ciao Bye Bye Turkey!! I will miss you!!


  1. I want one of those bowls from the bazaar please

  2. Have I told you how much I love Magnum bars? Because I do! They are so super delicious! Especially the double carmel ones if you ever get a chance. I seriously ate my weight in those when I was in London.