Friday, July 13, 2012


Meet my camel Zuzu!

I rode her from the main plaza back to the Treasury at the entrance and we bonded!
She was so sweet and cute and I loved her!

This was Zuzu's guide - an Arabian Jack Sparrow right?

Overview of the day: couldn't find my camera in the morning so rather than get briefed and loaded up with water, I ran around frantically looking for it. I was borderline heat stroke the whole day...
Walked through the Siq which opened up to the Treasury (where Indiana Jones was filmed!) and hiked up to the Monastery (before coming I thought they were the same place...they look really similar)

The look out had an incredible view of the Dead Sea/Jordan Rift Valley and you could see the route that Lehi and his family probably went when leaving Jerusalem.

Even though I was dehydrated the whole day -- I still had a blast!

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