Friday, July 13, 2012

Carol Frogley Ellertson

To take a break from all the Jerusalem updates (and since I never did a Mother's Day post), I wanted to highlight my beautiful, wonderful, brilliant mother!

I had a really special experience yesterday afternoon:

So much to the JC's surprise and elation, we were told Tuesday morning that Elder Jeffery R. Holland was coming to visit and stay at the center! He is here on vacation with his family, not for the church, and so he is gone mostly...we see him every now and then. But yesterday afternoon, I happened to be sitting out in the lounge on the 5th floor when he and his wife came down the stairs from an outing. They were going around saying 'hello' to everyone - he was sporting an Under Armor shirt and some rockin' shades.
As he came over to me, I mentioned how I was Keith Frogley's granddaughter (he used to live in my grandpa's ward years ago). He got excited and asked who my parents were and when I told him my mom's name he yelled for Sister Holland to come over and meet me and said to her,

"If she isn't Carol Frogley's daughter I don't know who is!"

I cannot tell how much this meant to mom is the greatest woman I know and that someone could identify me as her daughter is the biggest compliment they could possibly give!

She is an outstanding teacher, a great wife and an amazing mother and grandmother with lots of love to go around :)

LOVE this picture! Mom with my niece Josephine

And here is a pic of my family at our first family reunion they had a few weeks ago (SO sad I had to miss it!!)

I love you Momma!


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  2. AnnaMarie this is such a sweet post. Today is the one day this week that I wore make-up and this made me tear up lol. What a neat experience with Elder Holland! The Frogley's and Ellertson's always make such great impressions on everyone; I'm really grateful to have joined such a wonderful family. We all missed you so much at the reunion and just in general. I'm so glad you're having a great time but I am sure excited to see you when you get back. Keep up the great blog posts :-)

  3. I love you too Anna Maree-hee!, even Elder Holland could tell how wonderful and amazing you are. Love Mom

  4. We agree with you Anna Marie, we think your Mom is pretty special ;) and you DO remind us a lot of her! We were so sad not to see you in Utah, but if you had to be somewhere else, Jerusalem is the place to be. When Daniel found out you wouldn't be at the reunion (we were talking in the car on our looooooonnnnnnngggggg drive) he started crying. :( You were missed! We've loved reading your blog and catching little glimpses into your amazing semester abroad! Can't wait to see you again, love ya!