Saturday, July 28, 2012


We just spent the last few weeks in Galilee staying on a kibbutz called Ein Gev.
We swam and field tripped galore! Here are some of the places we visited:


Mary's church is on the left - the courtyard was lined with murals of Mary from every country! 

Gamla (aka "A City Set On a Hill")

...did I mention it was in the Golan Heights?...

Mt. of Transfiguration

Boat ride across the 'sea'...
"master the tempest is raging..."

Church at Nain where Elisha raised the widow's son from the dead - here we had a beautiful devotional by Brother Huntsman about miracles and losing loved ones...def a highlight of the trip!

Hike to the falls fearless hikers us!


...otherwise known as the place where Armageddon is going down!

Mt. Carmel

Bahai Gardens in Haifa

Tel Dan
(Shout out to Papa Dan Ellertson!)

Nimrod Castle

The coast city of Akko

The ancient port city of Ceserea

This is where the apostle Paul was tried in Herod's court and essentially the kick off point for the spread of Christianity to the Western world.

Meeting house for the Tiberias Branch with a beautiful overlook of the water. We put together a little musical number last minute for sacrament meeting "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" - this branch had an extra special feeling...Elder Holland refers to it as "Jesus' home ward"

So far away from home...

The End


  1. Did you sea an old stone inscription with Pilates name on it at Ceasarea Maritime? That is the governor who washed his hands, not the exercise regimen.

  2. It looks like you are having the most amazing adventures!!!